Why Do People Think The Perfect Beer is a Good Idea?

1. Looks are important

Do you want a beer with a full taste? Then go back to your first impression. When you have a beer in front of you, keep it briefly to the light. “If the beer is cloudy, it is probably not a very good beer”, says beer expert Toby Knowles. Why? “It is a strong indication that there are problems with the filtration process at the respective brewery.”

2. Note the foam
The foam layer must be full. A solid layer of small bubbles on your beer means that it contains enough carbon dioxide and therefore has a full flavor, says Knowles. But what if you get a watery beer for you? The beer can ‘die’ due to a too fast fermentation process. This ruined the taste.

3. You can taste a good beer
A lot of beers leave the brewery within 48 hours – the best beers stay at the brewery for at least six months. The longer the beer has remained in the brewery, the longer you continue to taste it. “A good beer has a beginning, a middle and an end. If all taste is gone as soon as you have swallowed it, then it is not a good beer. “

A beer with little taste often contains many chemicals. It is precisely these chemicals that ensure that you get a hangover the next day. You have been warned. 

4. You must smell it before you taste
Do you want to do something interesting in the pub? Remember the following: “English beers smell a bit ‘earthy’ and hoppy, American beers smell more like citrus and German beer usually has a kind of grass smell.”

5. Air is taste
Would you like glass? The answer is always ‘yes’ if you had a good bottle of beer in front of you. By giving it you ‘activate’ the beer, and you taste the full flavor. Do you want to taste it even better? Let the beer ‘dance’ in your glass. This way all flavors are released.

6. The alcohol percentage influences the taste
What tastes better, 4% or 8% alcohol? You can not know that, says Knowles. “Many people think that a higher alcohol percentage is equivalent to a better taste, but that is not the case.” The alcohol does play an important role, but it does not determine the taste. “You can drink a fantastic beer with 3% alcohol. The good beers are distinguished from the bad by the quality of ingredients and the brewing process. ” 

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