The 15 Biggest Drink Beer Blunders

So, this information is still a lot of fun!

Nothing better than a refreshing drink after a black workout, on Friday afternoon or during a football match. May it be a beer too, of course you ask yourself. Or does a yellow rascal with a steaming head of foam wipe out all those hours in the gym?

Do not worry. It does not. Although beer has an unhealthy image, compared to other alcoholic drinks, it is an effective thirst quencher (due to the large amount of water), and it contains many useful nutrients. Beer is not only a source of calcium and magnesium, but also of potassium (89 mg per glass). This mineral has a beneficial effect on your muscles and prevents calcium from leaving your body through the urine. And your lager contains – to a lesser extent – also vitamin B6, which helps with the absorption of proteins and thus contributes to the recovery of your body.

Research by the University of California also shows that certain beers are rich in silicon, a mineral that is of great importance for (the growth of) bones and counteracts bone loss. The more hops or barley a beer contains, the higher the amount of silicon, says research leader Charles Bamforth. The beers that mainly consist of wheat score the lowest. Tripel beers such as Trappist Tripel, Westmalle Tripel or Leffe Tripel have a high hop concentration and are therefore suitable candidates to boost your silicon content. But do not take this as an excuse to have a hangover every morning. Keep it with one or two glasses a day, because above that, your chance of bone fractures and other risks increases.

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