The 11 Biggest Women Do Not Matter Blunders

Things that men are insecure about, which according to women do not matter

Do not worry, gentlemen. 

It is clear that we men have enough things to worry about in life. It is good to want to improve yourself, but do not do that because you feel that this is necessary to arrange for women. Below you can read the opinion of 12 ladies about our male insecurities.

Just be true to who you are

“Many men are insecure about things that are not male. Recently I took my friend to a soap store, but he was too scared to be enthusiastic about something because he was afraid that I would find it ‘gay’. That’s why I left a surprise in his bathroom. I’ve never seen him so happy with a present. ”

Nobody is perfect

“My friend is self-conscious about his hairline, his teeth and his height. All three are things I’ve never been bothered about. We all have uncertainties. I have acne and a weird nose and he loves me too. ”

It is only a color

“My friend is 26 and completely gray. I really love it, even though he hates it. I think he is more sophisticated, while he thinks he is going to be bald soon. ”

Simply the best …

“Men often think they should be the best, smartest, toughest and funniest,” shares a Reddit user. It is better, for example, to be unique with niche interests and a sense of humor, instead of always wanting to be the smartest or best. In addition, it is more attractive to recognize that others are good at something than to talk them into the ground to make you feel better. ”

More to love

“Hi, a man with stretch marks here,” shares a man on Reddit. “It really does not matter to women if you’re a bit heavier.” “I had not seen a gym for three years and yet I’m together with a beautiful woman, keep your head up and do not let your weight define who you are.”

Manliness knows no time

“Many men feel the need to always behave super masculine. But do not hesitate to drink a ‘feminine’ drink, enjoy a romcom or cry a few times if you feel the need. ”

Do chill, with your glasses

“Many men think that all women do not find a nerd or geek attractive. Fortunately there are also men who are proud of it, but if that is not the case: do not worry. The right woman will embrace your passions and personality. ”

Small arms, big heart

“I am really fond of skinny men, but most of the men I have had a relationship with, made negative comments about their own body. I never understood myself, since I loved them. Apparently it is a thing among men to be big, muscular and broad. ”

Experience is not everything

“I have noticed that men are often insecure about their lack of sexual experience. But as long as you are friendly and eager to learn, you do it better in bed than the average guest who thinks he already knows everything. These guests do not even listen to their partner anymore because they think they know what they like. Sin.”

It is, even without a beard, a mustache

“It is striking how many men have an obsession with beards because they think facial hair makes them more attractive. Yes, there are women who like it, but I know just as many women who prefer to be slippery. ”

Flexen but …

“A lot of men with whom I’ve been on date immediately flexed their biceps while I was walking their arm across the street. Or they kept their bellies when I was around. No need for it, men. Muscles are certainly fun, but dad bods are just as nice to hold on to. ”

The bill please

“How is it that men in 2018 still think they always have to pay the bill? I also like to treat myself, so let’s take a bit more balance. ”

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