The 10 best health tips from Experts

The fringe issues of health.

You know the basic rules of health: good food, exercise, sleeping and especially no smoking. This is a great start to what you need to know; but the rest is also not unimportant. These are a number of side issues that you must pay attention to in order to stay as healthy as possible.

Make time available for  masturbation

Take matters into your own hands, as far as your health is concerned. Masturbation can be a perfect way to reduce your stress and unwind, says relationship therapist Paul Homemaker. Orgasms ensure the production of happiness hormones with which you become calm and sleepy after your climax.

“We sometimes forget that our bodies are crazy machines that can help us in many ways,” says Hokemeyer.

Masturbation works wonders for your mood and can even reduce the risk of prostate cancer. Men who come 21 times a month (or more often) have 19 percent less chance of prostate cancer, according to Boston University research.

Check your chest

What many people do not know is that men can also get breast cancer. According to Sharon Giordano of the  University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center , more than 2,500 men in the United States are diagnosed with breast cancer each year. In the Netherlands there are about 100.

If you feel a lump under your nipple, or suffer from a bleeding nipple, then you know it’s time for a visit to your doctor. Via a mammogram or ultrasonic scan, you can quickly find out if your concerns are well-founded.

Eat more fiber

The average man eats only 15 grams of fiber per day, which is barely half of the recommended daily allowance. Fibers help, among other things, to keep your cholesterol and blood sugars under control, contribute to a healthy heart and keep your weight up. Nutritionist Akash Goel advises men to add more vegetables, beans and seeds to them. His personal favorites are: kale, lentils, chia or linseed.

When you do your shopping, it is useful to calculate your carbohydrate: fiber ratio. You do this by dividing the carbohydrates (in grams) by the amount of fiber (in grams).

“The aim is 10 out of 1, which is naturally the case with wholegrain products,” says Goel. “If your ratio is even lower, for example 5 out of 1, that is even better. ”

Use your vacation days

If you’re on destination, leave e-mails unread and enjoy a fully-fledged, relaxed stay. “Holidays improve your sleep, boost your creativity, reduce stress and help your immune system,” says behavioral scientist Murali Doraiswamy from Duke University. “No pill has yet been invented that affects your body in the same positive way as is the case with holidays. ”

Use small goals to achieve great goals

Instead of staring blindly at big goals, it can sometimes be better to set several small goals. “Choose two or three achievable goals that support your big goals,” says personal trainer Tony Gentilcore.

For example, if you want to squat your body weight twice, it’s a good idea to work on your sleep rhythm and your diet – two goals that contribute enormously to your strength and muscle development.

In short: write your goals on your calendar, hang them on the fridge or put a reminder in your phone.

Roll up your sleeves

Even if you are a healthy guy, there is one vaccination that you can consider: the flu shot. According to expert Brent W. Laartz, this can significantly improve the national mortality rate, just like individual health. Especially if you suffer from chronic diseases, or are older than 65.

If you still make an appointment for a vaccination, prick him early in the morning. According to research by the University of Birmingham, people have twice as many antibodies in their blood when they have punctured between 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. instead of between 3 p.m. and 5 p.m.

Walk more, weigh less

If you’d rather weigh a little less, but do not know where to start, a short walk after your meals is the perfect way to lose some extra weight, says obesity specialist Spencer Nadolsky.

“A short walk after a meal helps not only to lose weight, but also to lower your blood sugars,” says Nadolsky. “Furthermore, it is a perfect way to spend some extra time with your loved one.”

In addition, walking according to research also helps to reduce feelings of hunger and stress. Instead of flopping on the couch, a block is not a bad idea. Who knows, those walks will eventually become running sessions.

Relax a little

“Many people are friendly to people in hum environment, even when they make mistakes. Only for themselves are they very strict, “says Psychologist Fred Rabinowitz. “By being always strict for yourself, you sometimes only make the problem worse and that extra pressure causes even more problems. ”

That’s why you prefer to treat yourself the way you treat friends, Rabinowits says. It is fine to make mistakes, you learn from that. Nobody is perfect, so you do not. So let

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