That is why we have scoured the worldwide web for easy peeling solutions. What we found?

1. The baking soda method

On various websites it is recommended to add some baking soda to the cooking water of the egg. This increases the pH value of the egg, making the egg easier to peel. 

We added ½ teaspoon of baking soda to the water and followed the normal protocol (boil egg, lid on, remove from the heat, let stand for 10 minutes and drain) and then peel the egg.

Conclusion: it was a lot easier than normal – the egg shell came loose in large pieces. Enough!

2. The lung force method
This method normally works in this way: you make the shell of the egg piece at the top and bottom. Then you peel an opening on both sides.

Then you put your mouth on one of the openings in the bowl and blow with all the power you have in you. The egg should fly effortlessly out of the scale if you have to believe the many YouTube videos.

Conclusion: Maybe we have weak lungs, but we did not succeed. Moreover, we were dizzy with all that blowing, and never managed to let the egg fly out in the YouTube way.

3. The ‘swirl method’
According to food blog Epicurious this is an ‘epic life hack’. How it works? You cook the egg as usual, turn off the heat, put some cold water in the pan and turn the pan so that the water starts to roll. The egg has to rotate, the gravity and the cracks in the shell must ensure an easy to peel egg.

The verdict: this way resulted in a battlefield (perhaps also the editor who let the water swirl, so always do this in the vicinity of the sink, otherwise you’ll have water everywhere in your kitchen. 

You have to swirl vigorously to ensure that the scale breaks, and the scale did not come loose as easily as promised. It was also a good arm training. 

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