It Did What? 11 Secrets About Losing Weight Easiers

Knot these nine tips in your ears when you want to lose some weight.

1. Light products are almost never light

When there is ‘low-fat’ or ‘light’ on the packaging, the manufacturer has usually removed grease from the product. The pitfall here: for everything that is taken out, something has to be added. They often replace fat with sugar, so the product suddenly contains a lot more simple carbohydrates. This is not going to make your scale happy.

2. Do as Popeye
Rutgers University discovered that spinach can help you lose weight. There are ecdysteroids that increase the amount of adiponectin (a hormone that makes your fat cells more sensitive to insulin). As a result, you break down glucose more and faster.

3. Eat with chopsticks
It is a practice, but it is worth it: eating with chopsticks slows the reaction of carbohydrates on the glycemic index. This keeps your blood sugar level nicely stable. Sticks have this effect probably because you eat more slowly and in smaller portions.

4. See what #foodporn
Is Instagram still good for something? Brigham Young University discovered that looking at images of tasty looking food reduces your hunger. This is because we are often hungry because we are bored and saturate pictures of food that ‘fake’.

5. Stop smoking
Are there actually benefits to smoking? Well no. Another disadvantage: the Brigham Young University even discovered that it can make you fatter. This is because smoking kills the insulin household, which can lead to weight gain. And yes, this also applies to the convivial smokers.

6. Home delivery
Do you order your food online? That is allowed in time – it is less bad than you think. Ordering food in a restaurant is riskier, as all your senses are stimulated here. This makes you more likely to make unhealthy choices. Of course you can just prepare the best food yourself.

7. Peat your food
Keeping a food diary almost always works well to keep control. Experts from Arizona State University  say that keeping an online food diary is even better. This allows you to keep everything more consistent. If you see that you have made too many unhealthy choices in the middle of the day, you are more likely to eat healthy for the rest of the day. Moreover, you make unhealthy choices less quickly, because you do not want to see them on your screen.

8. Always breakfast
Eat about the same amount of calories every morning. When you vary a lot with the number of calories that you get in the morning, your blood sugar level gets confused. This gives you more appetite for the rest of the day and you are more likely to eat more.

9. Eat fish more often
Participants in an investigation lost up to three times as much weight when replacing the meat they normally eat with fish. This is shown by Danish research. So put something swimming on the menu more often. 

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