How Did Peanut Butter Become the Best? Find Out.

Your breakfast will never be the same when you have become acquainted with this super fast peanut butter-protein cake.

Ingredients for 1 portion:


1. Okay, now you have to stay on the lesson, because this is not for everyone. Does it come: put all the ingredients in a bowl and mix it as if your life depends on it. Ready.

2. Now brush the inside of a large bowl with a lick of oil, and fill it with your 60-second batter. Put it in the microwave and let it cook at 900 watts in 1.5 minutes.

3. Check whether the dough is already hard. If not, put the bowl in the microwave for another 90 seconds. Eat straight from the bowl so that your muscles are immediately overwhelmed by the goodness of this peanut butter cake.
Preparation time: 6 min
Nutritional value per serving
573 calories 
42gr proteins 
49gr carbohydrates 
23gr fat 
6gr fibers

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