Doing Friends Tonights the Right Way

The nice thing about this: you do not have to do anything yourself.

Okay, almost nothing. All you have to do is call your friends as soon as you go to the pub. Women find you more attractive when you are with a group of men, a recent Dutch study shows.

Women find a group of men more attractive than a man alone. The larger the group, the more handsome they will find you.

According to the researchers at Tilburg University, this is the ‘group attractiveness’ (GA) effect. “It is more difficult to distinguish everyone in a group”, says study car Job van Wolferen. “That is why the attractive men in a large group get even more attention than when they are in a smaller group.”

Even though you are not necessarily the Back Street Boy in your group – your ‘smarter’ friends will immediately ensure that you are also considered more attractive by women. Think of it as partying with a rock star: that you are not in the center of attention does not mean that you do not have an advantage with the ladies.

So: call your measurements when you go to the pub. Are your measurements not around? Call your female friends. The GA effect also works when you are part of a group of women. 

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